Relationship Attitude #9 ~ “I Assume Abundance!”

“As I assume Abundance, Opportunities and Resources will appear.”  On the other hand, if I assume Scarcity, those same Opportunities and Resources will vanish.  

Many Singles believe “all the good ones are taken!”  Many Couples fight because they don’t believe they can BOTH have what they want or need!   Of course, “Whatever you believe is what you achieve!”  Let me explain how that works!  

There is a dynamic, some refer to as the “Law of Attraction.”   Many think of it as “woo-woo”, but in fact, it is grounded in science.  I like to use the acronym “B.E.A.R.” for this cycle. 

(B) stands for BELIEFS – your reality, your thoughts, ideas, opinions, etc.  Your BELIEFS fuel your (E) EMOTIONS or feelings.  Then your EMOTIONS motivate you to ACTION and your behaviors.  Which then, predict your RESULTS, which finally continue to reinforce your BELIEFS! 

Here is a simple example: 

Let’s say I’m Single and believe, “All the good ones are taken!”   So I’m going to feel discouraged, hopeless and maybe even cynical.   That emotion will motivate (or in this case “de-motivate”) me to the action of staying home, not participating in social events, being stand-offish when I meet potential partners, maybe even to push potential partners away.  I may scrutinize them them too carefully or actually treat them rudely.  In any case, they will feel uncomfortable, push me away too, become defensive or  rude in return.  That will prove my belief that, “all the good ones are taken!”  And around and around I go! 

On the other hand, if I believe “My Dream Partner is waiting for me!”  I will go out often, socialize with many people and express a confident attitude, smile, be friendly and happy.  Then a potential partner, as well as others, will be attracted to me, which will reinforce my Belief “My Dream Partner is waiting for me!”

So examine your beliefs and change what is not working!  Believe in Abundance, NOT Scarcity!  I promise, it will serve you better!

See you next time when I discuss, Relationship Attitude #10 ~ “I choose to let go of what others think of me!!”




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