Keeping the Love You Find Singles' Workshop

Do ANY of the below describe YOU?

~ Are you Single and haven’t found the “RIGHT” partner?

~ Are you divorced or widowed and worried about starting over?

~ Do you feel frustrated finding the same relationship problems?

~ Do you believe “All the good ones are taken?“

~ Are you tired of being ALONE, . . . → Read More: Keeping the Love You Find Singles’ Workshop

Secrets Your Marriage Counselor Never Told You

Is your marriage in trouble? Are you not as happy as you used to be? Have you tried to get help from Marriage Counseling, only to be disappointed in the results? If this sounds like your marriage, KEEP READING!

Maybe you can’t even get your partner to go with you to Marriage Counseling, so . . . → Read More: Secrets Your Marriage Counselor Never Told You

Getting the Love You Want Couples' Workshop

Have you ever wondered what one single gift you could give to your relationship that would have the biggest impact? If so, here is your answer!

The world-renowned Imago Couples Workshop, called “Getting the Love You Want!” is a 2-day intensive that will put you in a safe, connected space for you to . . . → Read More: Getting the Love You Want!

The 4 Horsemen

How the Imago Dialogue Addresses Dr. Gottman’s 4 Horsemen:

a. Criticism – taking it from a complaint about a behavior to making it global about the person’s character;

Using the Intentional Dialogue, the Sender focuses on him/herself – their reaction, feelings, fears, how they interpret behavior, what it reminds them of from . . . → Read More: Imago & The 4 Horsemen

Relationship Webinar


Has the PASSION LEFT your relationship? Do you wonder where your LOVE went? Do you wonder if you are with the RIGHT partner? Do you BICKER about things that don’t really matter? Is this NOT . . . → Read More: Relationship Webinar

Avoid Harsh Start-up

According to John Gottman, PhD Marital Researcher, the first Divorce Predictor is the “Harsh Start-up.”

If within the first three minutes, a discussion starts out blaming, accusatory or with negativity the discussion has a 96% chance of failure! it will go nowhere, but out of control!

However, the Intentional Dialogue can solve this problem. . . . → Read More: Avoid Harsh Start-up

Why Dialogue?

Intentional Dialogue is based upon several important premises:

Each of us is a worthwhile person with a valid point of view. Each partner’s perspective makes sense if they have a chance to explain it in an atmosphere of safety. When we can understand another’s perspective (even if we don’t agree), it helps . . . → Read More: Why Dialogue?

Dialogue Process

Intentional Dialogue consists of three parts: Mirror, Validate and Empathize. It is important to complete all three phases for the dialogue to be effective.



Repeat back what your partner has just said as accurately as you can. Do not editorialize or paraphrase as your partner could experience this as belittling or editing. You . . . → Read More: Dialogue Process

Dialogue Roles

Before I talk about how dialogue helps and the steps of Intentional Dialogue, I want to outline the Roles of each partner during dialogue.

THE SENDER: Your job is to communicate your feelings, needs, concerns and desires in a way that your partner can hear. You will be most effective if you speak in . . . → Read More: Dialogue Roles

Intentional Dialogue

In my last post, I shared John Gottman’s 4 Predictors of Divorce. Besides observing couples who fought and disagreed, Dr. Gottman also studied “happy” couples and came to a number of interesting conclusions. The one that I’d like to focus on is that happy couples don’t use any specific kind of communication techniques.


I . . . → Read More: Intentional Dialogue