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  • Do you wonder what’s gone wrong in your relationship?
  • Do you struggle trying to figure out how to get back on track?
  • Do you sometimes question if you even still love each other?
  • Do you really wonder if you will ever have the Relationship of your Dreams?

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If so, DON’T GIVE UP!  It’s CLOSER than you think!


YES, YOU DESERVE A LOVING RELATIONSHIP! However, you may be wondering about ever having the kind of relationship you’ve always dreamed of. One that is sweet, loving & passionate! One where you meet each others’ deepest needs. One where you grow together and where you BRING OUT THE BEST in each other! One where you maintain love, romance & passion throughout your lives!

SECRETS to a JUICY, LOVING, ROMANTIC relationship and GROW together!


A recent national survey showed that 95% of all marriages are only just OK TO MISERABLE! In fact, while the national divorce rate is 50%, California is 67%! In other words, 2 out of 3 marriages end in divorce and that’s only in the first 7 years! This also doesn’t include long-term, unmarried couples or cohabiting couples who break up. Nor does it include married couples living together in long-term, LOVELESS relationships, SIMPLY AS ROOMMATES.

Keys to CONNECT with your Partner on a DEEP and MEANINGFUL LEVEL.


Unlike our Parents and Grandparents, Relationships are NOW COMPLEX! When they were raising families, it was all about SURVIVAL – pay the bills, put food on the table, a roof over their heads, clothes on their backs and raise the kids! Roles were clearly defined. Women knew what to expect of men and men knew what to expect of women. It’s NOT THAT WAY anymore, but we all have the old relationship patterns imprinted on our Brains!

Create an IDEAL RELATIONSHIP VISION, with common goals to UNITE you!

Heart Logo “HOW are TODAY’S Relationships DIFFERENT?”

Whether we like it or not, since the Women’s Movement of the 70’s, women have taken hold of the “Reins” of Relationship and are insisting on equality, fidelity, connection, emotional intimacy, teamwork and communication. Now while those are amazing goals for a relationship, most people don’t know how to achieve them. Additionally, many men are still in the mindset of wanting their parents’ more traditional relationship. These differing expectations create conflict that MOST don’t know how to solve!

 Steps to “DISSOLVE” CONFLICT quickly and remain CLOSE!


Unfortunately, there is NO MODEL OR MANUAL that comes with relationships and we are NOT genetically or socially programmed for TODAY’S Relationships!  Most of us did not have parents who modeled a healthy relationship and many were divorced. Even if they had a healthy relationship, most did their “work” in private, so as children, we didn’t see it.  As a result, today, with differing expectations, no model of how to do this NEW relationship and DIVORCE being so widely accepted, the ODDS are stacked AGAINST OUR SUCCESS! To have lasting, fulfilling LOVE like we want today, Couples MUST LEARN how to create this NEW kind of Relationship!

Learn vital SKILLS & TOOLS to get you BACK ON TRACK!


In order to make lasting changes, most couples need guidance and support from a qualified relationship expert.  Change is always difficult.  The problem is, however, that it can be very challenging to locate someone who is really qualified. Most couples believe that simply finding a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist or other Licensed Mental Health Professional will give them what they need. 

Unfortunately, this is rarely the case and in fact, therapy can sometimes even be detrimental to your relationship!  The problem is that in California, as well as most other states, NOT EVEN ONE CLASS in Couples’ Counseling or Couples’ Therapy is required for a Master’s Degree and License as a Marriage & Family Therapist!  Pretty shocking, don’t you agree? 

 Rediscover the LOVE & PASSION you once knew!


You can start out your research on the internet. An organization I belong to and is a really good source is the Marriage-Friendly Therapists website. Therapists are screened to be able to become members, to be sure they have training and plenty of experience working with Couples.  Another excellent source is International Association of Imago Relationship Therapists, of which I am also a member. Our training is one of the most comprehensive Couples’ Therapy Training programs you can find.

There are several different levels of training in the Imago Association, but to become only a Certified Imago Couples’ Therapist requires 96 hours of classroom training over a year, as well as 6 months of practicum and supervision. However, I have over 400 hours of training, practicum and supervision, plus over 27 years as a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist and over 20 years as a Certified Workshop Presenter.  By the way, 400 hours is comparable to taking almost 30-units of college course work, which is equivalent to the amount of coursework required for a Master’s Degree in some subjects! 

Of course, I also recommend you interview your potential therapist and ask them about their formal couples’ training, their way of viewing relationships, how they work with Couples and what kind of Experience and Supervision do they have? Finally, one of the most important qualities is whether you both connect with them and feel comfortable.

 Begin the JOURNEY to the RELATIONSHIP of your DREAMS!

Well, I hope this has helped you in your quest for your Dream Relationship!  Please continue to browse at my website pages, and if we are a fit for each other, feel free to contact me on my contact link below!

About Carol: Carol A. Anderson, MS has been a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist for 30 years and married for over 50 years! Carol has extensive training, experience and expertise in Singles’ & Couples’ Relationship Coaching & Therapy. As an Imago Relationship Therapist, a Certified Getting the Love You WantCouples Workshop Presenter and Keeping the Love You Find Singles Workshop Presenter, she has helped thousands find, create and keep the relationship of their dreams! Why not let Carol help YOU Begin the Journey to the Relationship of your Dreams! (See more ABOUT CAROL below.)

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