• Do you have a GIANT VISION, but a MIDGET EMAIL LIST?
  • Do you know people NEED what you do, but you CAN’T REACH THEM?
  • Are you REALLY GOOD at your skill, but you’re still a BIG SECRET?
  • Do you want to SERVE MORE people?
  • Do you want to earn MORE INCOME but NO TIME for more clients?
  • Are most MARKETING strategies too TIME-CONSUMING for the results?
  • Or are you UNCOMFORTABLE with those MARKETING methods anyway?



If so, I invite you to explore being a guest speaker on my Singles’ or Couples’ TELESUMMIT!


WHAT EXACTLY IS A TELESUMMIT?  A TeleSummit is a FREE series of hour-long Conference Calls, based on a central theme, presented by various speakers.  They often involve an intense schedule of 2 or more speakers per day and usually span one – two weeks.  Twenty is not an uncommon number of speakers and these professionals are usually highly skilled and sometimes well-known in their Expertise. 

“HOW WILL A TELESUMMIT BENEFIT ME?”  Participating in a TeleSummit allows you to:

  • Reach an audience of 5,000 – 10,000 with your message!
  • GROW your email list by potentially THOUSANDS!
  • INSPIRE NEW PEOPLE people with your message!
  • Have people BEATING a PATH to YOU!
  • Create PASSIVE INCOME for months after the Summit!
  • Turn the Summit into a PRODUCT you can sell or gift as a BONUS!
  • Position yourself as an EXPERT in your field!
  • Get more SPEAKING GIGS to keep you busy! And most important,

HOW IS THE SUMMIT PROMOTED?    Speakers, as well as non-speaker Affiliates, promote the Summit to their email lists.  Currently, our total email list from all speakers is over 25K.  My Goal is 50K emails.   When potential participants receive an email from a well-respected, well-known name, they are more likely to trust the referral and sign up for the TeleSummit.  Additionally, Social Media is utilized and when people optin to sign up, they can click share. This makes the Summit go viral!  

WHAT IS THE TYPICAL AUDIENCE SIZE?   Think about how 20 speakers, each averaging 1000 – 3000 on their email list, where only 30% convert, would average to more than 10,000 Participants!  This is an exciting opportunity to reach a HUGE market that you wouldn’t normally have to opportunity to reach.  Of course, you will not be able to see all these people in your practice. That’s why it’s important to develop products and services that can leverage your time. (See below.)

HOW DOES THE TELESUMMIT GROW MY EMAIL LIST?  Speakers grow their email lists exponentially when Participants optin for the Speaker’s Free Gift or Bonus Offer.  Because the Speaker is giving away a Free Gift or even several Gifts or Bonus products or services, many people are likely to optin and a large percentage usually convert to a paid client, because Trust is developed.  Of course, we know that you will not sell or give away those lists, but you will now have permission to remain connected and provide more value.  If you want to keep your list, you will need to nurture these relationships.

WHAT PRODUCTS OR SERVICES DO I NEED TO PROVIDE?   Because you will be reaching so many people, you will not be able to see them all in your practice. Besides, many are already working with Coaches or Therapists.  That’s why it is important to develop products or services that augment what they are already doing and leverage your time.   Some ideas are books, CD sets, online videos, TeleSeminar series, 1-day workshops.  Generally, to get a larger optin, a good price-range is $97-197.  Plus, they will want to purchase your comprehensive product or service if they find it of additional value to them.    

HOW DO SPEAKERS EARN PASSIVE INCOME?   Participants have free access to the recording for 24 hours after each call. However, they are also invited to upgrade to a $97 “Silver” or $197 “Gold” Package or perhaps even a higher-priced “Platinum” package that all provide permanent access or download of the recordings.  The Gold or Platinum packages include even more Speaker Bonuses or Free one-day workshops, etc.  This added contact gives Speakers an opportunity to upgrade their participants to their “upper level” or “comprehensive” programs.  Speakers also earn a referral fee of 30-50% from all sales purchased by their list from all speakers.


HOW MUCH WORK IS INVOLVED?  The TeleSummit Host provides email copy you may personalize and send out to your list, links to webpages, affiliate links, etc. to promote the Summit. However, each speaker is responsible for providing there own Affiliate link and Optin or Landing Page for their own program or other offers. 

WHAT KIND OF TECH EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED?  Using WordPress, PayPal and E-Junkie, it is neither complicated or expensive.  While no tech experience is necessary, of course, it helps to know your way around and be able to follow directions.   Additionally, if the Speaker doesn’t want to fool with it themselves, this work can be outsourced for pretty reasonable fees. (I can also refer you to a tech person to help you on this for a nominal fee.)


“IS A TELESUMMIT RIGHT FOR ME?”   I don’t know if this is right for you or not, but here are some considerations:

  • Would you benefit from speaking to a larger audience?
  • Do you have topics that would benefit Singles or Couples?
  • Do you have a Specialty/Advanced service or Comprehensive program?
  • Do you have a book, ebook, product or service that you could Gift?
  • Would you be willing to promote the TeleSeminar to your email list?

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