SINGLES, do you yearn for a lasting relationship? 

  • One where you feel fulfilled, safe, secure and truly loved?
  • One that is juicy, passionate and fun?
  • One that endures the test of time? 
  • Where your partner is as committed to you, as you are to them?

…but it continues to elude you?

Now you can begin to learn how to

“Attract & Keep Your Dream Partner!

With Relationship Programs & Resources Especially for Singles

Offered by Carol A. Anderson, MS

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Congratulations for finding my Singles’ Relationship Website! I acknowledge you for not giving up on yourself or your future relationship and for taking a proactive step to find out what you can do differently! 

What you have probably already learned is that Relationships are NOT easy!   There are many reasons for this fact, which I won’t discuss here, but in general, we simply don’t know how to navigate modern-day relationships.  

Today, there are few, if any, relationship models for us to look to for guidance. It’s like we are operating in the dark, driving blind or traveling without a map or GPS.   The GOOD NEWS is it doesn’t have to be this way!  The ANSWERS ARE AVAILABLE! 

Below is a list of Resources and Programs I offer to learn how to ATTRACT & KEEP the PARTNER of YOUR DREAMS!  Take a look and see which program would meet your needs.  On the other hand, like most Singles, perhaps you will realize that you would benefit from ALL of them!  Click on the RED LINKS BELOW to learn more!


5 Secrets to Attract & Keep Lasting LoveThis email series will cover 5 Crucial Secrets, unknown by most Singles, that are vital to Attracting & Keeping Lasting Love!  Besides the 5 Secrets other important information is included, as well as resources to support you in your Journey!  Your email will be kept confidential and you may unsubscribe at anytime.



Magnetize Your Partner12 Secrets to Attract your Dream Partner ~ 12 Recordings of Carol’s live presentations, giving you over 8 hours of detailed, crucial relationship info to start magnetizing your Dream Partner to you!  Learn what you can do to attract a healthy Partner and create Lasting Love!  (Handouts included in most.)


Relationship Success Training Program for Singles  ~   10 bi-weekly Video Coaching sessions teaching how to “Live the Life You Love & Find the Love of Your Life!”  In today’s world this is a goal of many, but few know how to achieve.  The “Old Rules” of partnering are obsolete.  This course teaches you new strategies, skills, tools and attitudes now necessaryHomework is an important part of this program to help you reach your goals. 


Couple HuggingKeeping the Love You Find Workshop for Singles ~ A LIVE 2+ day Weekend retreat to hang out with other “like-minded” Singles!  The workshop will help you break OLD relationship patterns and identify the hidden forces that magnetize you to the WRONG partners, or even NO Partner at all!  You will learn a NEW WAY to communicate that actually ATTRACTS people to you.   Finally, you will begin to create your ATTRACTION ACTION PLAN  to THE RELATIONSHIP OF YOUR DREAMS! (Carol is currently offering one more workshop. Please click on the link just above for Details, Date and Discounts!)


FREE Dream Partner Strategy Session ~ Do you want to start your “journey” to Attract Your Dream Partner, but not sure where to start?  Or maybe you have already completed at least ONE of the programs on this page, but not sure where to go from here?  If so, schedule a complimentary 60 min. telephone consultation with Carol to help you clarify your Vision and Goals for attracting a Dream Partner! You will learn what some of your blocks might be, gain some strategies that are customized to your situation, begin to create your Attraction Action Plan and receive a package of discounts should you decide to work with Carol.


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Further Along the Journey for Singles ~  A series of online Bi-Weekly Group Coaching sessions to help you complete your Attraction Action Plan you started in a Keeping the Love You Find Workshop.   (This is an exclusive offer only for Graduates of Keeping the Love You Find Workshop. Please contact me directly for the current schedule.) 


Group or Private Attraction Coaching for Singles ~ Private Telephone Coaching sessions or Group Video Conference Sessions to help you Find, Create & Keep the Relationship of your Dreams! Please schedule your complimentary Dream Partner Strategy Session with me first, and we can determine if we are a “fit” to work together and if this is an appropriate option for you.

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ABOUT CAROL:  Carol has been married over 46 years and has been a successful Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist for over 24.  As a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist & Workshop Presenter, Carol presents workshops for Singles & Couples and has helped over a thousand people FIND, CREATE & KEEP LASTING LOVE!  Carol has now retired her Private Practice as a Therapist and continues as a Relationship Coach so she can offer services without the stigma of having to be diagnosed with a Mental Disorder!  Why not let Carol help YOU Begin the Journey to the Relationship of your Dreams?




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