L.D.S. Couples:

Do you yearn for a closer Marriage and Family?

😳 Are you both living the Gospel, but still struggle in your Marriage?
😕 Do you wonder why a relationship is so hard, even with the Gospel?
😯 Do you often feel like you are on different pages?
🙄 Do you worry about how your marriage will affect your children?
😥 Does it just seem like you both speak different languages?

If this sounds like your marriage, please understand,


You’ve just never learned how to make today’s relationship work!

So, we invite you to join us for a

“Marriage Makeover” Date Night!

Friday, April 12 from 6:00 – 9:30 PM


In this “NON-Therapy”, but Romantic Evening you will:

Learn WHY marriage is so challenging, even for L.D.S. couples.
Understand SECRETS to make your relationship successful!
Identify your IDEAL RELATIONSHIP for your marriage & family.
Learn PARENTING TIPS that build happy, confident children!
Learn your sweetheart’s “LOVE LANGUAGE!” and, finally,
Grow closer and feel more loving towards each other!

ONLY $25 per Couple until March 12!

includes a delicious BBQ Tri-Tip Dinner!

Seating Limited ~ Register Now

Happy Families are Priceless!


 Presented by 
Carol A. Anderson, MS, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Jason C. Scott, MA, Registered Marriage & Family Intern