Congratulations for completing the

Getting the Love You Want Couples Workshop!


It’s now been awhile since you completed the workshop.  Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you still “On the Journey” or have you  gotten LOST with NO MAP to follow?
  • Are you able to Dialogue on your own or do you lapse into OLD HABITS?
  • Do you struggle motivating yourself to USE THE TOOLS you learned?
  • Do you feel awkward and unsure if you are using the Dialogue correctly?
  • Do you get confused with all the various skills and not sure what to use when?
  • Are you still committed to improving your relationship?
  • Are you starting to wonder if things can ever permanently change?

If any of these sound like you or your relationship, first, please understand, YOU ARE NORMAL!  This is how it REALLY looks:

Plan vs Reality

So DON’T GIVE UP, because I am about to extend to you a SPECIAL INVITATION to join my

Couples’ Dream Relationship Journey! 

Please join me and other Workshop Couples, letting  me your “hold your hand,” while you practice the dialogue and/or work on dissolving the “Tip of your Iceberg!”


Couple Dialoging_1

Here is how YOU will BENEFIT from attending:

  • Enjoy the opportunity to refresh your skills and become comfortable using them;
  • Gain support from other workshop couples on the same journey;
  • Experience how your relationship is not that different from other couples;
  • Learn what works and what doesn’t work in relationships;
  • Dissolve your Relationship Icebergs and feel connected again;
  • Renew the closeness you felt at the workshop; and,
  • Continue the Journey to the Relationship of Your Dreams!

If you want to continue the Journey you started at the Workshop, click the REGISTER NOW button below!  You will be taken to a page where you will find affordable investment options, registration form and other information to help you decide if this is for you!

“Couples’ Dream Relationship Journey”

Held once a month “virtually”

Continue the Journey to the Relationship of Your Dreams!