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“10 Secrets to Finally Attract & Keep the
Partner of Your Dreams!”

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And I ACKNOWLEDGE YOU for taking this important step to,

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Hi, I’m Carol Anderson and as a Marriage & Family Therapist for almost 2 decades, I’ve been helping Singles find, create and keep lasting love and have also helped thousands of Couples fall back in love and create the Relationship of their Dreams!

I acknowledge you for taking your time to watch my video and read this page. Like most people these days, I know you are probably extremely busy. So that tells me you are pretty serious about improving your life and your relationships!

I understand that you may be feeling pretty hopeless about ever having the kind of relationship you’ve always dreamed of. At times it may even be hard to remember that you deserve to have a lasting relationship!

  • One that is sweet, loving and juicy!
  • One where you meet each others’ deepest needs.
  • One where you grow together, and finally,
  • One where you bring out the best in each other!
  • One where you maintain love, romance and passion throughout your lives!

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My Free TeleSeminar Series starting on Wednesday, May 16 at 7 pm Pacific,

“10 Secrets to Finally Attract & Keep the Partner of Your Dreams!”
is going to tell you how you can finally get the
Partner & Relationship of your DREAMS!

But, first, the Good News and the Bad News! As a Single, you may not know that Marriage & Relationships, in general, are NOT “happy!” At least not in the way we usually define “happy!”

A recent national survey showed that 95% of all marriages are only just OK to miserable. In fact, while the national divorce rate is 50%, California is 67%! In other words, 2 out of 3 marriages end in divorce and that’s in the first 7 years! And, guess what! That doesn’t include unmarried Gay & Lesbian couples or cohabiting couples who split. Nor does it include married couples living together in long term, loveless relationships, simply as roommates.

I want you to know that it doesn’t need to be this way!

Marriage and long-term committed relationships can be loving, fulfilling and satisfying. But it’s not the “live-happily-every-after” fairytale you usually think of! These days to achieve this kind of relationship requires much more!

Since the Women’s Movement of the 70’s, women have taken hold of the Reins of Relationship and are insisting on equality, fidelity, connection, emotional intimacy, teamwork and communication. Those are amazing goals for a relationship, but most couples don’t know how to achieve them, because, unfortunately, there is no model to look at for direction and no manual included!

What’s required to have a lasting, loving relationship?

First, it helps to be prepared, by gaining insight into who you REALLY are, what makes you TICK in relationships! (And the answers to the above are NOT what you thought!)

It takes obtaining a new understanding about relationships. It includes gaining knowledge and using skills that we did not have or need in years past when our parents or grandparents were married and raising their families.

Second, it requires a commitment to ongoing work and learning and using more skills, once in a committed relationship!

I have been teaching this information and more to Singles and Couples for over 18 years in both the Harville Hendrix workshops called Keeping the Love You Find for Singles and the Getting the Love You Want for Couples.

I suspect you may begin to be understanding of the complexity of the Problem AND the Solution! However, because I don’t want you to have to wait until my Teleseminar, I’m going to give you TWO of my TEN TIPS NOW to get you started!

Heart LogoTIP#1 – Commit to Personal Growth

If you are not on a Growth Path, your partner won’t be either. Because relationships are more complicated these days, it’s pretty much impossible to be in a healthy relationship without the Personal Growth component from both of you. This includes reading, attending therapy, support groups and workshops. Start by picking up some books on relationship. I highly recommend Keeping the Love You Find, by Harville Hendrix.

Heart LogoTIP#2 – Learn & Practice Communication Skills

By communication, I don’t merely mean talking, but learning how to listen! While it’s not the only skill needed, effective communication is the fundamental skill required of all healthy relationships, whether romantic, platonic or professional relationships. I teach a communication model in my 2-day Singles’ Workshop that is strategically designed to overcome pretty much every problem that people come across in trying to communicate. I’m biased, but I think it’s one of the best! You can also find it in the book mentioned above.

Just in case you are STILL trying to decide if this seminar will really be worth your time, I’d like to give you some guidance to help you make that decision.

First, this teleseminar is for you, if ANY of the below sound like you:

  • You’re tired of finding the same kind of unhealthy Partners over and over again;
  • You’re widowed, separated or divorced and want to move on or start over, but not sure how;
  • When you fall in love, you find it’s only ONE WAY; OR
  • You never seem to find someone you really love; OR
  • You often think you found the “Perfect Partner,” only to find out later, they’re NOT who you thought they were;
  • You feel disillusioned and are wondering if there is really anyone out there for you;
  • You wonder if you’ll ever find the right partner with whom you can be happy.

In my Special Singles’ TeleSeminar, YOU WILL LEARN:

  • Who your Unconscious has been secretly programming you for since Birth;
  • Why you are consistently attracted to this kind Partner;
  • Why they often become the Partner of your Nightmares, NOT your Dreams;
  • Why you will keep falling for these “Nightmares”, unless you make specific changes;
  •  Secret facts about ALL relationships that will cause you to think you’ve failed, if you don’t know them;
  •  How to EXORCISE the GHOSTS in your relationships that hold you hostage!
  • STEPS to take to FALL IN LOVE with the Partner of your Dreams and vice versa; and, finally,
  •  How to start the Journey to the Relationship of your Dreams!

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I invite you to JOIN ME on my Teleseminar especially for Singles on,

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to get started on the Journey to the Relationship of Your Dreams!

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