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Coaching Fees & Registration

Below, please find my current fees for Individual and Group Coaching.  These fees include:

Getting the Love You Want Couples’ Graduate Group

Further Along The Journey: A Follow-up Course to Keeping the Love You Find,

Relationship Success Training for Singles

Please click on the links if you need to find out more about these 3 groups.

All coaching sessions are on a “HIPAA secure” Zoom Video Conference call, where you will see other participants, unless you choose to call in on a phone. Group Sessions may be recorded, upon group consent, and you will have access to view them, but not to store them on your computer.   Private sessions have recording as an option, at no additional charge.  (Please see Registration Form below, for Conditions.)

Singles’ or Couples’ Group Coaching (based on at least 2 Singles or Couples in attendance):
~ Session-by-session, as space is available – $50/Session per person**
~ Commitment to 3 Sessions – $40/Session ($120 total – save $30) per person**
~ Commitment to 6 Sessions – $30/Session ($180 total – save $120) per person**
~ Commitment to 10 Sessions – $20/session ($200 total  save $300) per person**

Private Couples Coaching:
~ Session-by-session, as needed – $150/Session (90 min.)**

~ Package of 3 Sessions – $140/Couple’s Session ($420 total – save $30)**
~ Package of 6 Sessions – $130/Couple’s ($780 total – save $120)**
~ Package of 10 Sessions – $120/Couple’s ($1200 total- save $300)**

Private Individual Coaching:
~ Session-by-session, as needed – $100/Session (60 min.)**
~ Package of 3 Sessions – $90/Session ($270 total – save $30)**
~ Package of 6 Sessions – $80/Session ($360 total – save $120)**
~ Package of 10 Sessions – $70/Session ($700 total – $300)**

* 24-hour notice is requested to re-schedule or cancel an appointment.  You will be responsible to pay your full fee if you choose to “No Show” or 1/2 your fee for a Late Cancel.

Singles Private Coaching Sessions are normally 60 min. unless you request longer sessions. (Fee will be adjusted based on added amount of time.

Couples Private Coaching Sessions are normally 90′, but if you prefer 120′ the fee will be adjusted accordingly.

Singles or Couples Group Coaching Sessions are 90-120 min. based on attendance. If you prefer a longer sessions, I’m willing to accommodate you for a slightly higher fee or we can redistribute your total time purchased accordingly.  

**All sessions and packages are expected to be paid in advance of the first session.  Fees are not refundable, however, you may transfer them to a future date or donate them to another couple.  If you have any questions, please contact me at the link below.

If you would like to register for any of the above, please fill out the form below and I will be in touch with you.  If you prefer to talk to me first, please use the “Contact Carol” link below.  I will not finalize your payment until we have talked and confirmed an appointment time.  You may also apply for PayPal Credit and have 6 months to pay with no interest for a min. $99 purchase. (See the PayPal Banner below for details.) 

Coaching Registration

Please fill out this form and I will get in touch with you shortly.
  • If you are registering as a Couple, both Partners must complete separate registrations. Thank-you!
  • Please select the Coaching Program I am registering for:
  • Please check the below understandings & agreements. ALL Boxes MUST be checked in order to complete registration.
  • Please check your preferred method of payment from below. (You do not need a PayPal account to use PayPal.)

    1.) After selecting the choice you prefer, please click "Add to Cart" which sends your registration to me.
    2.) Next, from the drop-down list, please select which option you prefer to use to pay for your purchase
    3.) Finally, if you choose to pay with PayPal, click the below PayNow button, . Thank-you!
  • Below please include any comments, questions or clarifications you would like me to know prior to contacting you. Also please share what you would like to accomplish by participating in these coaching sessions.


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