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Are you a Therapist who wants to improve your Couples work?

  • Perhaps you want to develop a specialty and thinking about Couples Therapy.
  • Maybe you’re recently licensed and feel inadequate working with Couples.
  • Perhaps even your own relationship isn’t as good as you want.

Whatever your situation, if you are interested in becoming more competent in couples work or even improving your own relationship, I encourage you to attend an Imago Getting the Love You Want Workshop!  This workshop has been presented to tens of thousands of couples worldwide and has helped most of them have more satisfying relationships.

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This 2-day experiential couples’ workshop forms the foundation for clinicians to begin working with the Imago Relationship Therapy model in their practice.  You will learn the basic theoretical concepts and will also personally experience all the processes & skills, which you will eventually be able to train your couples to perform in their own relationships. You will also observe the effect of the specific skills and interventions on lay couples. 


While clinicians who complete this workshop will gain useful interventions in their practices, they may not refer to themselves as Imago Relationship Therapists, or in any other way imply that they have had formal clinical training in Imago Relationship Therapy, unless they have completed the 96-hour Imago “Basic Couples Clinical Certification” program.  However, this workshop is the prerequisite for that training.  Additionally, my workshop is approved for 16 Continuing Education Credits for Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Social Workers and Marriage & Family Therapists.

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Because this workshop is open to all couples regardless of their professional status,  you might be concerned about your confidentiality or your anonymity.  The good news is that nobody knows what anybody’s profession is, unless you choose to disclose that information. The advantage of attending a workshop like this since nobody knows that you are a mental health professional, you are much more free to work.   Additionally, you are able to see the effectiveness of the various skills and interventions you are learning on the average couple.  I have been presenting this workshop to the public for over 22 years now and have had many mental health professionals participate. I have never had any complaints.

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We all know how difficult it can be to find competent Couples’ Therapy, especially when you’re a therapist.  We can’t afford to “shop around” going from one therapist to another trying to find one who knows how to work with couples.   One of the really nice benefits of this workshop, is that you do not have to do any work in front of the group, unless you and your partner choose to be one of my “Demonstration” Couples.  It is not Group Therapy, and your privacy is respected.  Only my Assistant who is also an Imago Relationship Therapist, and I will come around and check to be you’re following the protocol or if you need help.  Otherwise, you have complete privacy.

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Below are a few of the Workshop Goals for Professionals:

  • To be introduced to and to understand the basic theoretical constructs of Imago Relationship Therapy;
  • To understand the dynamics of intimate Relationship, including their deeper purpose;
  • To be introduced to and practice vital skills, observe and practice with your partner, the interventions used commonly with Imago couples, as well as observe the facilitation of those skills and interventions; and finally,
  • To experience first-hand, as well as through observation of other couples, how these interventions create connection, build empathy, instill hope and increase motivation in couples to work on their relationship.


Specifically, besides the above you will also learn:

  • A vital skill to feel HEARD and UNDERSTOOD;
  • A way to gain COMPASSION & FEEL CLOSE again;
  • How you SABOTAGE getting your NEEDS met and WHAT TO DO instead!
  • KEY Strategies to REDUCE TENSION during a disagreement;
  • The TOOL you MUST use to END your POWER STRUGGLES!
  • Why TALKING about the “PROBLEM” seldom SOLVES it!
  • The real cause of your FIGHTING and HOW to STOP it;
  • A simple Process to get on the SAME PAGE in your relationship!
  • Ways to increase PASSION, FUN & EXCITEMENT!
  • STEPS to bring back that LOVIN’ FEELIN’!

Imago on beach

So why attend one of those typical, classroom CEU events, when you can attend a ROMANTIC WEEKEND WITH  YOUR PARTNER, at the BEACH, while learning all about relationships and improving yours at the same time?  Seems like a “NO BRAINER” to me!

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