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Carol A. Anderson, LMFT has been married over 50 years and has been a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist for over 28!  She has now retired, but is available to work with a limited number of couples and individuals via virtual therapy or she can refer you to qualified Therapists in the area of expertise that you need.  (Please see below.)

Carol earned a 60-unit MS Degree in Marriage & Family Counseling, plus chose to take an additional 12-units prior to her graduation from CSU Fresno in 1986.  Including her Fieldwork & Internship, she has over 34 years of experience in counseling Individuals, Families & Couples.

Her primary specialty, however, is her extensive training, supervision, experience and expertise in Relationship Coaching & Therapy. Carol is an Advanced Clinician in Imago Relationship Therapy and is also a Certified Imago Workshop Presenter for both Couples and Singles. In fact, in her formal relationship training hours, she has the equivalent of a 30-unit Master’s Degree in Relationship Therapy.  That is equal to almost 450 hours of training beyond her Master Degree!

Carol is authorized by Imago Relationships International to present the international Harville Hendrix workshopsGetting the Love You Want” Workshop for Couples and “Keeping the Love You Find” Workshop for Singles.  She is not currently presenting, due to her retirement, but she might begin again in the future, if she is able.

These workshops are an integral part of Carol’s work with both Couples and Singles.  They provide an intensive, “immersion” weekend for Couples to gain tools and experience the true potential of their relationship.  Singles will understand why they have been unable to find and keep lasting love and leave with an “Attraction Action Plan” to begin to attract their Dream Partner.   Both are powerful and transforming experiences and are equivalent to about 6 months of weekly therapy!

Carol also offers “virtual” Relationship Success Training for Singles Coaching Classes. To learn more about this service and whether it might be appropriate for you, please view her Relationship Success Training Coaching page.

Safe and effective communication, as well as connection between partners build the foundation for a successful relationship.  Carol works hard to build that in her sessions and workshops, both by teaching and by example.

Carol is a retired member of the California Assn. of Marriage & Family Therapists, Imago Relationship Therapists of North America and the National Registry of Marriage Friendly Therapists.

She is also an entertaining public speaker and has spoken on a variety of relationship topics to various groups, clubs, organizations, churches and classes.

Carol has helped close to a thousand of people find, create and keep the Relationship of Their Dreams!  However, she has now retired her Therapy Practice and is presented her last workshop at the end of 2019.  Thereafter, she will be accepting only a limited number of Group or Private Coaching Clients from those who have attended one of the Imago workshops.  If you are interested in this service, please contact her TODAY or click on the below “Relationship Coaching” link below, so she can help YOU begin the Journey to the Relationship of Your Dreams before she retires completely!



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