Secrets Your Marriage Counselor Never Told You


Is your marriage in trouble? Are you not as happy as you used to be? Have you tried to get help from Marriage Counseling, only to be disappointed in the results?  If this sounds like your marriage, KEEP READING!

Maybe you can’t even get your partner to go with you to Marriage Counseling, so you decide to go alone.  However, if you go to individual therapy, you will likely find yourself leaving the marriage altogether, sooner or later.

WHY? Because of our Industry’s “Dirty Little Secret!”  Watch my 3-part video series and find out what this Secret is and 2 more secrets that could ruin your relationship! Click on the Link BELOW!

3 Crucial Secrets Your Marriage Counselor Never Told You!


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edited_Carol_9685_tinyCarol A. Anderson, MS, MFT
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Certified Imago Relationship Therapist & Workshop Presenter

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