Why Dialogue?

Intentional Dialogue is based upon several important premises:

  Each of us is a worthwhile person with a valid point of view.  Each partner’s perspective makes sense if they have a chance to explain it in an atmosphere of safety.  When we can understand another’s perspective (even if we don’t agree), it helps to create connection and makes it possible to resolve differences.

  Most of us do not get the attention and focused listening we need as children.  When we feel thoroughly listened to by our partners it is healing and helps to create an atmosphere of trust and safety in the relationship.

  When topics are “hot” we tend to interrupt each other, not listen and often will begin to attack or respond defensively.  These behaviors create an atmosphere of danger in the interaction, which in turn evokes a cycle of attack and defense, making it difficult to understand and support each other.  Intentional dialogue slows down this back and forth, making it less likely that the conversation will deteriorate into arguments or fights.

In my next post I will address the 1st Divorce Predictor and how dialogue addresses it!

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