Relationship Attitude #6 ~ “I strive to live with Intentionality!”

Intentionality means making Choices conscious of the outcomes and overcoming your own reactivity. 

Most of us go through Life making “knee-jerk” reactions to our circumstances. This actually shows a weakness of Mind and Spirit.  It is letting our “Old Brain” or “Animal Brain” run the show! 

The Animal Brain is only about FIGHT or FLIGHT when it’s triggered.  This is great for Survival, but not for Relationships.

On the other hand, when we consciously THINK about the Action we want to take, seriously considering our Goals and the Consequences of those Actions, only then are WE in control of ourselves. If we are not in control of ourselves, our Relationship will not fare so well.   When we are not considering the best interests of the relationship, over our impulsive desires, the Relationship will not survive. 

Think about the areas you can improve in your Intentionality!  What are some NEW Choices you need to make to change the outcome to be more positive?

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