Relationship Attitude ~ #4: “Connection Matters MORE than ANYTHING!

Connection is the one condition that means life or death to a child!  Although it exists as a Subconscious need, we continue carry that need throughout life in various different ways.  When we experience a “rupture” in our connection with a loved one, especially our romantic partner, we often react either with Anxiety or Anger.  This is only because of our Unconscious fear of Death!

In both Infants and Lovers, Connection is experienced as “Attunement.”  This is where you lovingly gaze into each other’s eyes, feeling an amazing connection like none other. If you’ve ever held a newborn baby in your arms, you will know what I’m referring to. 

In the case of adults, however, it is a delicate condition and the spell can be easily broken.  Any glance away, any sense of disapproval, any loss of interest dooms Connection and Attunement to the dark closet of our unmet needs. Our Self-hatred surfaces, we project it onto our partner and, POOF!  The Connection is gone!  To regain it is possible, but even more challenging!

Below is a video where the Photographer poses unlikely strangers together and captures a moment of Connection. Even though they didn’t know each other before, each reports a similar reaction. Take a look to find out how Connection can become impactful in our lives!

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Relationship Attitude #5: “I am authentic and live in Integrity with my Values & Principles!!”


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ABOUT CAROL: Carol has been married for 42 years and has been a successful Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist for 20 years.    As a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist & Workshop Presenter, Carol presents workshops for both Singles & Couples! Over the years, she has helped thousands of Singles & Couples FIND, CREATE & KEEP LASTING LOVE and Begin the Journey to the Relationship of their DREAMS!  Carol is  now transitioning to a Coaching Practice so she can offer more services without the stigma of her clients having to have a Mental Disorder!  Why not let Carol help you to create the Relationship of your Dreams as well?




“Carol provided an excellent presentation and was very real, honest and helpful!”          J.R. North Carolina

“Carol’s communication style is absolutely suited for Imago. She is warm and safe and made us all feel so comfortable.” K.V. Fresno, CA

“I appreciate Carol for how much she shared of herself, her positive energy, authenticity, professional wisdom and experience. It was both a growth experience and a lot of fun!” R.Y. – San Jose, CA

“Carol was gentle, insightful, open and loving.” C.F. – Fresno, CA

Carol was awesome! I’m really excited about this opportunity to make a better life and love for myself!” D.H. – Modesto, CA

“Carol is a knowledgeable, yet fun presenter.” M.A. – Fresno, CA

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