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Welcome back to my 10-day video course,

“10 Secrets to Attract & Keep the Partner of Your Dreams!”

Today is Day 6 of our time together and I hope you have been learning some new and helpful information!

Today’s Secret is very crucial to Becoming a Dream Partner, like the 3rd leg of a 3-legged stool. It’s called “Live the Life You LOVE,…on Purpose!”

In it you will learn why “Living on Purpose” helps YOU to become a Dream Partner!




P.S.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s topic, that, I promise, is very intriguing.    You may not believe your eyes when you read the title!


Secret #6 – “Live the Life You Love, …On Purpose!”

For more info on this topic, please download  Carol’s 36-minute Audio recording, “Living on Purpose” by clicking on the below link.  Be sure to allow about a minute for it to load.

Living On Purpose…How knowing your Life Purpose attracts your Dream Partner!

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ABOUT CAROL: Carol has been a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist for 20 years and presents workshops for Singles & Couples! Over the years, she has helped thousands of Singles & Couples FIND, CREATE & KEEP LASTING LOVE and the Relationship of their DREAMS!



“Carol provided an excellent presentation and was very real, honest and helpful!” J.R. North Carolina

“Carol’s communication style is absolutely suited for Imago. She is warm and safe and made us all feel so comfortable.” K.V. Fresno, CA

“I appreciate Carol for how much she shared of herself, her positive energy, authenticity, professional wisdom and experience. It was both a growth experience and a lot of fun!” R.Y.San Jose, CA

“Carol was gentle, insightful, open and loving.” C.F. – Fresno, CA

Carol was awesome! I’m really excited about this opportunity to make a better life and love for myself!” D.H. – Modesto, CA

“Carol is a knowledgeable, yet fun presenter.” M.A. – Fresno, CA

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