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As a Single, do you relate to any of the below?

checkbulletAre you widowed/divorced, want to start over but not sure how? 

checkbulletDo you find a “Perfect Partner” only to eventually learn, they’re NOT?

checkbulletAre you disillusioned and wondering if anyone’s really for you?

checkbulletDo you feel ready for a committed relationship, but need some guidance?

 If any of these are true for you, I’ve created my Singles’ TeleSeminar Series especially for YOU!

“Secrets to Finally Attract & Keep Your Dream Partner!”

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Heart Logo In my FREE TeleSeminar Series, YOU WILL LEARN:

“Understanding Commitment in Relationship”
How you sabotage your relationship when you make a premature commitment;
Why knowing the 2 different kinds of dating is vital to your relationship success;
What mindset you need to change to avoid Serial Monogamy;
Why Engagement is NOT Commitment;
How most people think they are Committed when they aren’t;
Plus MORE!

“Relationship Sabotagosis 101
5 Bugs that infect Singles and can kill a new Relationship;
One ABSOLUTELY Terminal Condition;

Who is susceptible;
What the Symptoms and Side Effects are;

Once infected, what the Prognosis is;
How to prevent these SERIOUS plagues;
Plus MORE!

“How to Know Red Flags and When to Walk!”
The Role of the Unconscious in Partner Selection;
How to make an Intentional Selection;
What you absolutely must already know;
How to stay in control of yourself and keep your eyes wide open;
What are the Red Flags and how to watch for them;
How to know when it’s time to walk;
Plus MORE!

“All You Wanted to Know About Relationships, but Didn’t Know Who to Ask!” 

12 KEY POINTS covered in our calls this past 12 months;
ONE SECRET to finally ATTRACT your Dream Partner;
ONE SKILL required for an amazing relationship;
How to RECOGNIZE your Perfect Partner;
GHOSTS that haunt and sabotage your relationships;
How to JUMP-START your Growth;

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“10 Tips to Attract Your Dream Partner!”
The Change you need to make for happiness;
How your partner is a mirror of you;
Why today’s relationships are so challenging;
What you can do to find and keep love in your life; and,

“Does Your Life Have Purpose?”
Why knowing your Life Purpose is crucial to finding your Dream Partner;
How to become an Attraction Magnet;
How to find your Inner Guidance System or GPS; and,
What you must know to get what you want in your life and relationships!

“The Myth of Happily Ever After!”
Why believing in Fairytales will destroy your relationship;
Learn Nature’s Hidden Agenda for your relationship;
Why Romantic Love must END;
Why the Power Struggle is NECESSARY; and,
The most important thing you have to do to get through it!

“Why Relationships are SO Hard!”
Why today’s Relationships are so different & what you need;
Discover how your Brain is hard-wired to sabotage you;
What the SECRETS are to out-wit Nature’s hard-wiring; and,
2 relational types that create conflict & which one YOU are.

“Who is your “Perfect” Partner?”
Who you’ve been programmed for since birth;
Why this person can turn into a nightmare;
What you can do about it;
What causes conflict; and, as usual,

“The 12 Dating Traps!”
Avoid the 12 dating mindsets that sabotage your future relationships;
Prevent unsolvable problems that result in unhappiness;
How to be empowered and clear about relationships;
How to get what you really want in your Life and Relationships; and,

“How ‘The Secret’ REALLY Works!”
Learn the science behind “The Secret”, whether you loved or hated it!
Discover the REAL SECRET to manifesting your Desires;
Why you really “Can’t fool Mother Nature!”
How you sabotage getting what you want out of Life and Relationships; and, as always,

“Another New Year…Another Resolution?”
Why you don’t reach your Resolutions and what to do about it!
The important difference you need to know between Goals & Resolutions;
How to be SMART and know if you‘re making progress;
Steps to reach your Dream Relationship; and,


**These calls are recorded and available to registered participants. 


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“Secrets to Finally Attract & Keep Your Dream Partner!”

Please register to gain immediate access to recorded calls.

Normal Fee: $97

For a limited time ONLY $17!


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Carol A Anderson ABOUT CAROL: Carol Anderson has been a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist for over 24 years and now, as a Relationship Coach, she presents workshops and programs for Singles & Couples! Over the years, she has helped close to a thousand FIND, CREATE & KEEP LASTING LOVE and Begin the Relationship of their DREAMS! Why not let her help you too!



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